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High Maltose Powder is a maltose monohydrate, a carbohydrate sweetener and bulking agent.
High Maltose possesses fine anti-crystallization since it contains Maltodextrin so it’s widely used in food industry. It can prevent cane sugar crystallizing and separating out in making jam and jelly so that the storage life is extended. High Maltose possesses fine fermentability so it’s widely used in bread, cakes and beer making. Starch aging of cakes can be postponed. High Maltose can replace starch syrup made from starch syrup hydrolyzed by acid. Thus products will have soft taste and proper sweet degree. Because products aren’t easily colored up and candies have fine diaphaneity and fine anti-sand ability and anti-melting ability, the storage life is extended. Since High Maltose has little protein and amino acid, it has fine heat Stability. It is more suitable than maltose in making candies by vacuum-film cooking and molding. Using pure high maltose liquor dropping into vein in medical treatment, blood sugar is rising uneasily so it’s suitable for diabetic to supply nutrition and it’s also used as carbon source of antibiotic bacteria. 

Application Range
High Maltose Powder prolongs the shelf life of baked goods. Since it works better than other sugars to prevent starch retrogradation, it stabilizes natural fruit colors and flavors and enhances flavors in food systems which otherwise may be dominated by the sweetness of sucrose. High maltose powder is an ideal complement to sucrose yet retains very similar bulking and texture building qualities with one-third the sweetness. The possibility of blending gives the food technician more flexibility and freedom in matching sweetness and flavor profiles in his or her food systems while maintaining a given mouthfeel.
Like sucrose, High Maltose Powder is a disaccharide consisting of two glucose molecules. Therefore it is defined as a food, not as an additive. No additive petitions have been required nor are there restrictions on categories of use. It has processing characteristics similar to sucrose in terms of saccharimetric value, viscosity, osmotic pressure, gel strength, low water activity, etc. In addition there are some advantages, which are indicated in the applications mentioned below as well as in the accompanying data.
Improves Shelf Life of Starch Containing Foods as Cakes
If one compares softness and moisture content of sponge cake or other media during a shelf-life test with a sucrose/High maltose powder blend, one obtains significantly better results with the sucrose/High maltose powder blend than with sucrose alone or a blend of other sweeteners including HFCS but excluding High maltose powder. The outlook for the use of High maltose powder in breads is also intriguing though perhaps more developmental work needs to be done to establish the proper varieties of yeast that can have an adequate affinity for maltose.

Microbial Growth Inhibitor
High Maltose Powder has a low water activity similar to sucrose, which makes it ideal in applications such as poultry coating mixes where maltose may be used together with spices or other coating blends to inhibit microbial growth on poultry skin which otherwise provides a good moist medium.
Sugar Crystallization Inhibitor
High Maltose Powder inhibits sugar crystallization in various applications. An exciting use is in frozen glazes and icings.

Anthocyanin Color Stabilizer
High Maltose Powder is widely used with great success to preserve the brilliance of fruit fillings or preserves, notably strawberry and including fillings on cookies, jams, etc. and to prevent discoloration. High maltose powder helps preserve natural fruit flavors and in addition is useful for cooking glazes or sprinkling to add an attractive luster to the surface of such baked goods.

Oils and Fats Absorber
High Maltose Powder has the interesting property of absorbing oils and fats which could make it useful in improving the texture and palatability of oily products such as croissants.

Sweetness Reducer
Since High Maltose Powder is one-third as sweet as sucrose it may be useful in formulations which would otherwise require a high concentration of sucrose such as pie fillings. In such formulations blending High maltose powder with sucrose can alleviate the overpowering sweetness without losing the positive processing benefits of otherwise high sucrose concentrations.

Food Processing Improver
High Maltose Powder is more heat- or acid-stable than sucrose and is less subject to decomposition or denaturation in food processing. Desirable coloration and flavoring may be attained with High maltose powder by controlling or regulation heating and other conditions in food processing.
In addition, High Maltose Powder has other properties and applications, such as being an ideal carbon source in fermentation culture media, especially to ensure smooth culture growth and performance. Glucose, in comparison, has a higher osmotic pressure which may cause erratic performance when added.






5.0 max

pH Value



DE Value


43 min






0.5 max



0.5 max

Total Bacteria


1500 max



30 max




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